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If you have any problems related to Bitcoin deposit, withdrawal or purchasing with Bitcoin, please ask them here.

a) On how to withdraw items purchased with BTC:

The onsite purchase option moves the items from the seller's inventory to yours. From this point, you can either withdraw the items or exchange other items with the items in your inventory. If you would like to withdraw from your inventory, accessed it via You will find the items you have bought with onsite purchase there. Select (highlight) the items and proceed with the 'Withdraw/Transfer' option. Select 'Withdraw to Backpack', you will receive a trade offer from the bot shortly.

b) On deposit not being credited:

Before anything, check if your transaction is confirmed on the blockchain via

As we use the forwarding service, there are two possible reasons for further delay:

1. Your BTC deposit actually involves 2 transfers. The first one is from your wallet to the wallet and the second one is from the wallet to ours. The confirmations from where you deposit only implies that your BTC has reached the wallet. It will take time for further confirmations from their wallet to ours.

2. After all the confirmations are completed, we have to wait for the API to send a callback in order for us to acknowledge the transaction and update the database. This process may have certain delay.

Basically, your BTC will be credited eventually as long as you get at least 1 confirmation on the Blockchain. You do not have to worry about it too much.

c) On minimum deposit amount:

The minimum deposit amount is 0.0005 (after fee), which is required for the API (details: to process the transaction. If you have made deposit of <0.0005 BTC, you have to make additional deposit to make up the minimum amount.

Please report here only if your BTC is not credited after 24 hours, with the following information

1. Time of your withdrawal from the source wallet.
2. The amount of BTC.
3. The txnid of your transaction.

Your case will not be investigated if you miss any of the above information or your deposit is not yet delayed for 24 hours or more

2020-12-15 19:47
Amount of BTC : 0.00102145
Hash : f3f95cfc85df3b36af31549510c62dadf35a3df754069f8d80c1f1cf797f5b3c

Still not transferred


Hi there, trying to withdrawl BTC. Transaction was approximately 5:15pm EST Jan 10 2021
Amount: 0.03062620

Hi. I don't think you got scammed. From what I can tell it's still unconfirmed so they don't have it yet ( hence not credited to you yet) BTC is just really slow. I been waiting over a week :/

Hi, I'm still waiting on my Bitcoin deposit.

1. Time: 1/25/2021 6:37 PM
2. Amount: .0005 BTC
3. Transaction ID: 47756ce761fa818e72154d131ca21631ccd32638fe1de489e5936a9d58a6c46d

I also put in a smaller transaction earlier in the day before I learned that there was a minimum amount (this information was very difficult to find on this site). When will I be credited that back?

Hi I've been waiting since 2021-04-17 15:43 to withdraw Bitcoin

Amount Fees
0.00188104 0.00008235

Please help!

I have been waiting for a opportunity to send BTC at a lower fee this week but that did not happen. So I bundled 7 transactions fee into one. Hopefully it could be confirmed..

1. Time of your withdrawal from the source wallet : 4/21/2021 9:09 PM
2. The amount of BTC : 0.00047358 BTC (before fees)
3. The txnid of your transaction : 3QBGdq3KVeFmuWdYmpPmSKx8PGKX1UoiwV

Still hasnt credited my deposit.

Thank you Joto!

I have been waiting for a opportunity to send BTC at a lower fee this week but that did not happen. So I bundled 7 transactions fee into one. Hopefully it could be confirmed..

I'm not sure if it will at this point. I'm not in a rush but it's possible that only applying such a small fee will make it eventually drop out of the mempool. You will rebroadcast the transaction if that happens? No worries, we can wait but this is a possibility.