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Introduction to

1. What is and how is it different to other trade sites? is a fully automated trading service of Steam items. Sellers deposit items to our bots and set a price tag. Interested buyers willing to meet their asking price purchase items directly from the bots instead of from the sellers. Trading on is therefore 'machine-aided'. No Steam client, adding friends and chatting is required to trade here.

Our aim is to make Steam trading a passive process, a process that is no longer a hassle while enjoying games, having dinner and browsing the web. Sharing the enjoyment of trading passively and a clean friend list without traders.

2. Is your site going to store my items temporarily? Can I have my items back at any moment? simply stores and sells your items for you. We do not purchase or make use of your items. You can withdraw them anytime unless Steam trading is unavailable at the time.

3. Is this site safe to use? How do I know this is not a scam?

This site has been running for over a year and over 20000 users have already traded with our bots. If you are concerned, we suggest that you start using this service as a buyer or a seller of low-value items.

We are fully aware of the potential risk of bot impersonation and website fraud. When you log in to Steam through, please verify the certificate and make sure it is the official Steam Community. We also provide a 'security code' which could be changed anytime under the preference page. During a trade, our bots will present your security code for verification. You should check whether the code matches the one you have set during each trades.

We try to keep as safe as possible but there could be exploits or other unforeseen circumstances. If you find any exploits or bugs, we kindly suggest you to report them to our administrators immediately. Please do not take advantage of our system. In the past, some users had took away items they did not own. Those users were marked scammers by SteamRep. If an user is found exploiting any bugs knowingly and has taken advantage from the system or other users, we will not hesitate to seek help from SteamRep or other trading communities to prevent you from selling those items. We hope that every users are honest to the system and other users.

4. How long are you going to run the site? How do I make sure if my donation will ever go waste?

We will keep this site running as long as Steam trading remains, unless there are problems that would significantly increase our cost of maintaining the site. However we do not see it coming any time soon. There is no worry about donation going waste. We probably will be around longer than you would be trading Steam items.