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BTC-USD: 285.67
REF-USD: 0.125
KEY-REF: 15.88
KEY-USD: 1.985
KEY-BTC: 0.00694858
Missing untradable gift update

The error about sending less untradable gifts than supposed to should be fixed. All undelivered gifts since yesterday are either resent to your shop inventory or compensated in key credit. If your case is still unresolved, please report to us ASAP.

List of lost items with unknown owner: 5x Garry's Mod, 2x ARK: Survival Evolved, 1x Dead Island: GOTY. All are untradable.

Key Credit USD (Bitcoin)
Paradox Grand Strategy Collection  5.0000
Toy Soldiers  2.0000
Half-Life 1 Anthology  4.0000
Reserve Shooter --- 0.0100
Jagged Alliance 2 Gold  3.0000
H1Z1  5.5000
Company of Heroes 2  2.0000
FTL: Faster Than Light  1.7500
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas  1.8000
Saints Row Ultimate Franchise Pack  4.9500
Space Engineers  4.0000
Guise Of The Wolf  2.0000
Rogue Legacy  1.0000
Portal  1.4000
DARK SOULS™ II  4.0000
Untradable Dead Effect  1.0000
Double Dragon: Neon  2.0000
Death to Spies: Gold  2.0000
Torchlight  2.0000
Dream Pinball 3D  1.0000
Company of Heroes 2  10.0000
Thief  3.8000
Valiant Hearts: The Great War™ / Soldats Inconnus : Mémoires de la Grande Guerre™  2.0000
Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition  2.0000
NBA 2K15  4.5000
Untradable The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  2.4000
Empire: Total War Collection  3.0000
Tryst 4-Pack  6.0000
Force-A-Nature --- 0.0100
Serious Sam Classics: Revolution  2.0000