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Site rules and reimbursement rules

1. Is there any rules I must follow here?

There are not too many strict rules about what you can do and what you cannot do because many tasks are designed to be automatic. Our administrators apply minimum intrusion on the users' actions as long as their behavior and speech are deemed appropriate and mature. However, there is a few things that are strongly prohibited here and we require your acknowledgement.

Ban Offense

  • You use any external programs or scripts to perform functions that are supposedly not available to you which will give you unfair advantage over other users.
  • You knowingly exploit bugs or glitches to your own advantage.
  • You issue a chargeback for your Paypal donation.
  • You have a scammer tag on SteamRep.

  • Shop Background Image Content

    The only restriction of your background image content is to be legal and respectful to all people. We will consider your image inappropriate if it contains one or more of the following and we may strip your right to use a shop background image.

  • Obscene, violent, disgusting or illegal content.
  • Advertisement for 3rd party website and service.
  • Discrimination or derogatory remarks to certain group of ethnic.

  • 2. Would you compensate for my loss if I lose my items or credit?

    It depends on why and how you lose it. In most cases, we do not reimburse for your loss if the damage is done by a third party. We will only recover your items if they are lost but still exist in the system. Including:

  • Detached items due to system or bot errors.
  • Bitcoin or credit calculation errors.
  • We will not compensate for your loss if your items are taken by a third party, in cases such as following:

  • Unauthorized access of your Steam account and the subsequent unauthorized access of your inventory on Please enable Google Authenticator to increase your shop security.
  • Selling items for an 'unrealistically low' price. Please carefully review all the details before you make a trade public, especially check the trade type, price, currency, content of Steam gift (single pack, 4-pack, special edition etc). We make no guarantee that our system always creates the correct trade for you. Once a trade is made, we hold no responsibility for your potential loss.
  • If you found any possible security bug, please kindly report them so that we can further improve our security.

    3. What is your policy on revoked gifts?

    Please understand that it is impossible to completely prevent revoked gifts coming into our system. We suggest taking the problem to Steam as we are unable to offer any actual help for gift revoking. Our policy on revoked gift is as follows:

  • All judgment on a gift revoking claim will be solely based on the Steam inventory and gifting history.
  • We do not compensate for any loss caused by revoked gifts. However, we will mediate between buyer and seller on gift revocation disputes upon investigation.
  • We will not accept your gift revocation claim if you have re-sold any items bought from here. You should be responsible for the associated risk that goes along with the item when you resell.
  • Untradable gifts are highly susceptible of revoking. Please make sure you trust the seller before you purchase them. If you have purchased a revoked gift, we recommend you to request help from Steam and report major offenders to them.

    If you have purchased any revoked gifts, please report to us as soon as possible. Please also make sure to report the owner but not the shop bot when you write to Steam support, This is important for protecting your money. The reasons are as follows:

  • If we could track down the scammer and lock his shop quick enough, we may be able to confiscate some of his items for reimbursement purpose.
  • If our bot is banned by Steam, not only we lose a valuable bot account, we also have no chance to send you back scammers' items.

  • 4. What is your policy against scammers, sharks, hijackers or any other kind of scums in the trading world?

    We are firmly against any dishonest trading practices and we do not allow people selling ill-gotten goods on our site. As such, we do not allow marked scammers of SteamRep from using our service. Also, free users are not allowed to trade high-value items. If you are suspicious of selling scammed, sharked or stolen items, we hold the right to freeze your items in our possession upon investigation. If you find any uncaught scammers trading on our site, we highly encourage you to report them to our administrators and SteamRep with evidence so that we can take appropriate actions immediately.