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# Payment here are not for depositing fund to buy items. Visit this page if you wish to fund your account credit.

Premium is for paying off the cost (domain name, server, SSL certificate, bot accounts, inventory space and other kind of services) and to support the long term development of this site. Premium members are granted various perks as shown by the table below. These perks are permanent.

Premium could be made in separated transactions and mixed methods. Please note that all payment will not be returned. Any Paypal chargeback made against is considered a scam and we hold the right to freeze your shop or mark you as a scammer on SteamRep.

*Perks are subjected to change as we add or remove features. We may also adjust transaction or premium package fees in the future.*

Features / Amount $0 - $5 $10 $25 $50
Rank Free Beta Tester1 Basic Advanced Premium VIP
Remove Ads
Deposit Keys
Shop Badge
Space Allocation2 Temporary Temporary Permanent Permanent Permanent Permanent
Shop Inventory Space3 10 +2 25 50 150 300 (2000 Maximum)
Custom Shop Alias
Personal Bot4
Personal Payment Scheme
Steam Gifts Deposit


  • 1. Beta Testers are users who have been using our site since our beta period. Their perks are not additional to their premium rank.
  • 2. Free users have no permanent shop space allocated to them. Their shops are deleted and space is recycled when they have an empty inventory for more than 24 hours. While premium members enjoy permanent shop space and their shops are never removed under any circumstances.
  • 3. This is the maximum limit of your shop inventory items, including items from all Steam games, Steam community items and Steam gifts. VIP can apply Backpack Expander to increase this limit (up to a maximum of 2000). Every payment of $0.6 beyond $50 also increases the limit of Steam community items and Steam gifts by 100. Note that the effect of BP expander and extra payment does not stack. The one that precedes the limit is taken into account.
  • 4. VIP have their own bots and they can make a number of customization of the bot's profile including its name, profile message and avatar.