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A hacker had obtained one of our admin credential by unknown means. The credential was used to access our database through the web as we unknowingly left an unused debug webpage running on the web. Fake deposit and withdrawal requests were created through the database and approved with the stolen admin account.

Compensation Plan:

We have lost about 100 BTC from this hack which is a huge blow. We have lost most website profit and is also in debt. Despite all difficulties, we wish to continue running the site as best as we can.

I am very well aware that you would be concerned about your lost BTC. We promise we will try our best to repay everyone. However it cannot be done right away as we do not have the money to do so. Time is needed to make money back.

If you had BTC balance on the site, they will be temporarily frozen as debt until we have made the money to repay you. Debt cannot be used to purchase or be withdrawn. When you make BTC transactions, the fee that you are supposed to pay will be used to pay for our debt to you (so you pay no fee). Other user's fee will be used to pay to the user with the most debt. This settings will be used until all debt is cleared.


We have reset most passwords and reinstalled a lot of system components including OS, mail server, web server etc. We have changed the way admin accounts are handled. There will be different accounts for different tasks and they all have more limited privileges. We have removed access of important bot information in the database and it will be saved and accessed elsewhere. Most service are also locked from Internet access.

BTC withdrawal will be completely handled manually. The BTC will be stored in a multi-sig wallet from

Final words: is founded with the aim to create a fast, smooth and efficient trading environment of Steam items and BTC. This aim has not been changed and will not be changed. Today we face a very largest setback but we are not discouraged. We take every chance to improve and come back stronger. We sincerely ask for your patience. Please understand that we are in a difficult situation and give us some time to sort out things.

Weird way to put that in funds, I noticed my btc were gone and all of a sudden you put me in debt.
Might want to change that "debt" to "frozen" or something like that, cause it sure freaked me out.

Dispenser ... it's good to have you back ;)

Hello Joto can you please enable trade exchanges between BOT's and owners only, until the issue with key credit/btc is resolved and the website is 100% fixed. There are many who just want to withdraw items from their BOT like me. I have all my tf2 keys in my BOT, therefore i am unable to make any trades :/

Thanks for all the effort Joto! We appreciate your hardwork.

Thank you for your work and efforts, Joto! I totally understand your position. I suggest you open a channel that give people who wants to make donation to you a change to donate for you. In this way, you can pay back your debt sooner. It is too much for an individual such as you to take responsibility for such financial loss! Did you already reported this case to the authority to HK or others? I suppose the amount is huge enough for the authority to open a case and trace the hacker.
Anyway, best of luck for you! Best luck of dispenser!

The market is available again? I mean I could buy games for keys.

Joto, I believe you guys use for all BTC related things.
Even though I think doesn't have a "Vault" wallet for safe storing BTC, if done right, you could have moved large amounts of your BTC to Xapo or Coinbase which does have a Vault which requires 2 forms of authentication for withdrawal: SMS and E-mail.

Just a suggestion, keep it up guys.

Thanks for all the effort and commitment. I hope to be VIP soon.

Joto Im showing a owned debt of "0.02290537 (4.8937)", just keep it, I know it's pennies, specially considering what you lost but keep it just to help.

I have just received a message that I was logged out because someone else had logged into my account. Is there a way to check IP's to make sure my account has not been compromised?

Hey, any update on when we might be getting our bitcoins? I don't mind the wait but an estimate would be nice just to know when to expect it. Even if it is an year, just wanna know when. :) keep up the good work :)

i just donated, you can swing back

i have 0.63 Btcs on owned debt, how can i withdraw this ?

i have 0.63 Btcs on owned debt, how can i withdraw this ?

Until we made money to pay you back.

it was mr robot I suppose :/

it was mr robot I suppose :/

What do you mean?

So I deposit 4 keys today. Can I withdraw them? It's 2 years now that this side got hackt.