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I believe that the correct step will be to rework the Deposit System.

should be separate. When User clicks on the "CRYPTO", it should move to the Bitcoin Deposit page. (currently, when you click this link, it goes to the Key Deposit page - This is not correct)

2. Buttons [BUY/SELL WITH BITCOIN] / Ethereum
(on deposit keys page) only scare off a new Users. The pages that these buttons lead to have inflated prices and zero volume ($1.98 here vs $1.68

1. One of the best options will be the integration of the SHAPESHIFT service.
Thanks to this service, any user can replenish his balance using any of the popular cryptocurrencies, more than 70.
The service also allows you to use Credit Card (but I'm not sure), which is very attractive for people who do not have Bitcoin, Ether or other coins. ShapeShift is one of the most popular crypto-exchangers and has utilities to integrate into any website. I am sure that it is really easy to do and it will be really easy to use.

4. There should be a single link that you can share with your friends for a quick transition to the product.

I can give a reference to the purchase of TF2 keys for bitcoins ( )
But I can not give a link to the purchase of CS:GO keys ( because there are many varieties. maybe do as like ?)

5. I also noticed that the ETH is missing the Wish List Item Selection (Traditional Trades), but I doubt that someone else is using this trade type.

I hope some items will find their use and use of a dispenser for buying and selling keys for crypto currency will be easier. Sincerely, I and google translater.

And how do you think: is it difficult to use the Dispenser for new Users? Scares off new Users the lack of a dollar? Your options how to make it more friendly.