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I can't deposit any TF2 items from my steam account. Is this a site wide issue? CS:GO items appear to be working fine.

I don't think this is a site wide issue. I could deposit TF2 keys fine and others people too. It has something to do with your account but I am not sure what it is.

Hi Joto, thanks for the response. Would this be an issue that you could fix?

I'm still having the same issue after nearly 2 weeks. Can someone look into this?

15 AccessDenied
access is denied
You may receive this result when sending, accepting, declining, or canceling a trade offer. Below is an explanation of what this result means in this context.

You can't send or accept this trade offer because either you can't trade with the other user, or one of the parties in this trade can't send/receive one of the items in the trade. Possible causes: a) You aren't friends with the other user and you didn't provide a trade token. b) The trade token was wrong. c) You are trying to send or receive an item for a game in which you or the other user can't trade (e.g. due to a VAC ban). d) You are trying to send an item and the other user's inventory is full for that game.

Are you unable to send TF2 items to your shop bot or the key credit bot?

Hi Joto,

I am unable to trade with my personal bot. I tried removing the bot as a friend but now it won't let me add it as a friend anymore.

I have also looked at my Account History page and I can see the following message when I have tried to send TF2 items to my bot:

2019-08-12 19:30

Why does it say this if my bot apparently isn't holding any TF2 items? Can you try sending an item to my BOT to test it?

I tried to fix it. Could you please try again?

It's working now. Thanks Joto.