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I deposited 0.00009443 BTC and the transaction went thorugh but I still dind't get my credits
Deposited at : 8/11/2019 4:25 AM
2. The amount of BTC : 0.00009443 BTC
3. The txnid of your transaction : e4ada6609bcb9ff8d860d325e48c5b6b8fb16664e84a2bfc8f0f7d7639e45e56

I also cancelled a bid for 16 ref , the order made at 2019-08-10 22:03 and I didn't receive my money back

Still waiting for an answer

We will credit your BTC later as we have to migrate our blockchain service (the API service we were using is no longer in business).

As for your ref, your money was not deducted. As long as the transaction is not written in your transaction history, no credit is added or deducted.

I have a new problem , my shop inventory is full after I bought 14 reclaimed metal and I can't withdraw the items , it won't let me select the items as they are greyed out

Thanks !

We could not reach your trade offer URL. Could you try updating it?

Tried to update but I still can't withdraw
As you can see here

Have you updated the URL on the site? Your trade offer URL is still not accessible from here.

You can update the URL here: (under the first tab)

Yes the URL is the right one and I still can't withdraw the items.