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(Tx Hash): f2d6a5a86e451132b049d6b707b7daab837d0be080573cfe27343ba76428defc
Been like 2 days still not recived the balance to my account.

1. Time of your withdrawal from the source wallet. : 13.05.2020 20:12 TR Time Zone
2. The amount of BTC. : 0.00176767 BTC
3. The txnid of your transaction. : f2d6a5a86e451132b049d6b707b7daab837d0be080573cfe27343ba76428defc

The redirection transaction 00e4a20fbc548850aaf88fcc7012178e39b788d133be1ddedd966386bc9227d9 is still unconfirmed :(