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I first want to say thank you for this website, I discovered it back in 2016 and it's great to see it still around!

I just want to log my user experience here. I did a search for crypto/fees/litecoin just to see old discussions and I want to bring it up again.

I simply wanted to buy a copy of tabletop simulator (5 keys) and was basically starting from a blank slate on dispenser. In order to make that purchase of tabletop:

1. I took btc off an exchange to personal wallet.
2. Send from personal wallet to dispenser.
3. dispenser did the move to hot wallet.

So that was 3 stages were i incurred a fee just to get currency on this platform and fees are high for btc right now. I probably could have brought it down one step by going straight from exchange to deposit but I wouldn't consider that ideal.

There's just a things I think could be improved on dispenser. The fee moving from dispenser deposit wallet to hot was set low enough that it took nearly 10 hours for the first confirmation. I also don't understand why the deposit address isn't using segwit to lower the users deposit fee again.

At the end of the day I don't think it worth using the site just to make this purchase based on the time it took and fees incurred and as others have mentioned in old discussions the site these-days seems to only really benefit those dealing in larger quantities of items where they can bundle a fee into one transaction.

I understand that it takes a lot of work to implement cheaper alt coins but I feel like at minimum a segwit btc address would be a nice place to start.

We already use segwit and quite a low fee, but we have to move the BTC 2 times so it incurs more fee.

Honestly if you are just moving a small amount of money I would recommend you to use keys. Crypto really is not suitable for this when fee is high.

I actually meant Native SegWit (bc1) vs SegWit (3) for the lower fees.

Yeah, in hindsight I probably should have got the keys first and just deposited them to make the purchase so that's my bad.

Anyway, thanks again for the website it has been so useful over the years!