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I placed two orders for some TF2 keys, the first order, 2 keys got sent straight away to my steam. The second order of 14 keys, never got sent to me, I can see them in my item shop but can't do anything with them, can't select them or withdraw them and I get an error saying that my shop inventory is full. Not exactly sure what I can do to withdraw them but I think the fact that my shop limit is 10 and I have 14 keys, maybe bugged the system and now my keys are stuck in limbo.

1) 14 Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
2) 2020-12-20 13:34 Mann Co. Supply Crate Key [Withdraw] Withdrew from Dispenser 1794 (Lv.3) unassigned by MoShU's Item Shop by MoShU.

Thank you

I got them just now, not sure if someone has fixed it, or it was eventually sent automatically.