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I have a bot from here and never used it, at one time I had a premium account, I think?, I see the site is still up and going which is great. Question, can I ever retrieve my bot? Is it still usable? Is there a cost? I'd be happy to go premium. Can these bots be used on steam community market? Is that even allowed? The reason I ask that final question is it's starting to seem obvious bots are used to set buy orders.
Any help would be appreciated. I will check site daily for answers. If any further info is needed be happy to provide.
I Thank you for helping and answers in advance.

The bot is here

I believe your bot is usable. Nothing has changed since you have got your premium.

There is no additional cost for you to use your bot. You can deposit items to the bot and sell them. Bots' main usage is not for setting buy orders, although it could help you do that in a certain way. The reason now we have "buy" and "sell" orders is that we have incorporated cryptocurrencies into our trading market.

You cannot use the bot to interact with the Steam community market.