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Hi, i just trade tf2 keys for btc credit but the credit didn't appear at my balance.
Also old btc credit decreased.
What is happening?

Let me investigate a little.

After some investigation, we found that your account had about 40000 satoshi negative balance after your last transaction in 2014.

If I remembered right, there was a bug a long time ago that our system did not properly reserve the fee of a transaction resulting in negative balance for some accounts after we fixed it. Your account was probably also one of them. Your negative balance should be a part of the transaction fee of your last transaction in 2014, and the reason you are not seeing your BTC balance after your key sales is because the positive balance has been paid into the negative balance.

But since this problem happened a really long time ago, and I have no intention to make you pay back the fee at that time, I guess the best solution is to revert the transaction and let you decide what to do about it. You could pay back the deficit or just leave it as is. But if you continue to trade BTC with your account you will have to pay back the negative balance first. At the same time I won't blame you at all if you decide to trade with another account or something.