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Hi i sent 0.00015766 BTC BTC to my account on and for the moment not be deposit, Coinbase tells me that the transaction has already completed, didn't know the minimum for deposit is 0.0005, because there was nothing warning about the on the page, so, i need a refund or my credits in my account.

Hash: e63ee3dd0a05de1497c1191bd46848375d99af3d999cd17d8c2f628a27345c25

my email and coinbase email: [email protected]

pls help me :/

The amount for your deposit is too small to be processed again for today's standard price of $65000+ per BTC and netowrk fee like $4 per transaction. Only 0.00010304 (~$7) had been credited to your account, ~$4 had already been lost to network fee. If we send the rest back to you a further $4 will be lost to network, which means almost all your BTC would be lost into network fee.

You can buy some keys and withdraw them, it should be much more viable.