Dear Admins

I made a comment in the thread "Missing Items"
However, it is unanswered since weeks

Following tradeable gifts got transfered to my bot but not available to select

Log from steam trading history
14. Sep. 2022 1:19
Mit #Dispenser 954 (VIP) gehandelt:

Bless Online, Duke Nukem 3D Gift, Killing Floor Gift, Killing Floor Gift, SPORE™ Galactic Adventures, Project Zomboid, Rust, Trine 2: Complete Story Gift, Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare - Season Pass, X-Blades, Duke Nukem 3D Gift, Damned, Rust, Unknown package 2487, Mass Effect Collection

Log from dispenser trading history

Inventory Error
Game Shop by MARXXX

Bless Online
2 Rust
Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare - Season Pass
Mass Effect Collection
2 Killing Floor Gift
Unknown package 2487
Project Zomboid
SPORE™ Galactic Adventures
2 Duke Nukem 3D Gift
Trine 2: Complete Story Gift

Kindly check please
Thank you