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I'm a noob user who made my first trade yesterday. I sent BTC to my wallet and bought a few TF2 keys with it. Transaction ID 184944. The BTC was withdrawn from my credit but, as far as I can see, the keys weren't given to me anywhere. I have no items under my inventory, no key credit and I did not receive any trade offers directly on steam.

Am I missing something? Could someone explain how this works?

Many thanks.

Same issue here. Any update on this?

Same issue, market tx 184950 order says filled and BTC was used but not showing any key credit on account

So I finally got the offer through steam a few days later. Not sure why it was so slow. But won't be using this site again.

Just got the offer. I don't really care about that delay of less than 12 hours just kind of worrying because there was no warning about how long it might take or indication that it was pending.

I also received mine after a delay