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As the title says, i'm unable to deposit gifts. I keep getting "No Inventory".

I did deposit few gifts but the exchange status is stuck on "completed" ...

ID : 2641197

Well now i'm having the "no inventory" bs again and i can't deposit gifts... Is there anyone taking care of the site??? Like what is going on here?

Absolute joke of a "trading" site. Can i at least get my gifts back so i can sod off and never return to this mess?

Until this moment, depositing gifts is not working properly! I literally got lucky to deposit a gift or two and right after 1 minute or less i can't deposit again. Pathetic.

same problem here, I've been waiting weeks for this to be fixed

why don't you close the site? to have it abandoned, you have not evolved you have remained in prehistory

Same here. Please fix.

And then you get: Your maximum open tasks is reached. Please wait for some of them to expire.