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May 3, 2023, 9:17 a.m.
Hello, how i can complete traditional trade? is it work?

It can be fixed if I can actually access:

This Steam api function is very unreliable, and it is still necessary for TF2 items. Traditional trade should still work, it is very likely the problem is this api function usually returns empty response with HTTP status 503. I tried to script access it every minute, it does still return meaningful response in some random moment, but I cannot figure out a pattern of how to make it work.

I made a few fixes to traditional trade, now it should work for normal usages. However I can't reliably test the code since i can only feed pre-fetched Steam api data into it, there are a small chance that it can fail, or worse, made mistakes on trades in real life situations. Don't use it for larger value trades, to be on the safe side.

thank you, bought what i want

Same problem