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This is the thread for every problems and requests for Google Authenticator. Please post here if you encounter any problem regarding Google Authenticator.

1. On Google Authenticator setup problem.

First, make sure your mobile device is synchronized to the Internet time. This is essential for the code being generated to work.

If the time is already synced but the code still isn't working, please provide these details:
a) The timezone of your device
b) The model of your device
c) The OS of your device

2. On Google Authenticator reset request.

If you are changing/resetting phone, please disable Google Authenticator yourself beforehand. So that you do not have to disable your account.

We have now a more strict rule on Google Authenticator reset request. Unless your account has only very low value of assets, now you cannot just come and say you want to reset G-Auth. There will be a 48 hour freeze period before you can reset. This period is to know whether the request is legit (i.e. not a 'fake' request by an account hijacker). If your account is hijacked, you should post here ASAP to inform us that no G-Auth reset request should be taken for your account, in order to protect your items. If you do not want your account to be frozen, you should be well-prepared before you reset or replace a mobile device, or submit a request beforehand.

1. Please consider using Google Authenticator as a security method if you have a reasonable amount of valuable items. Google Authenticator is an effective way of protecting your items. We won't be responsible for any of your loss if it is caused by account hijacking.

2. Please leave Google Authenticator DISABLED if you do not store any items nor Bitcoins here.

3. Please leave Google Authenticator DISABLED if you do not know what it is.

hey, can I get my account re-enabled? I disabled it because I thought I had to do it to get my authenticator reset.

I will re-enable it.

Hi Jojo.

Look, my cellphone yesterday appearly was dead, after 3 hours I fix it, now I have 15 days bans on Market and all that stuff from Steam, here I see me force to disable "Google Authenticator" 'cuz on my cellphone never appear the code requested, I try with Authy, there the code appears but still not working, the site allways says what is invalid so I'm forced to disable.

I understand if I have to wait 2 days or a week (dsn't matter I have trade ban) to ReEnable my account.

I just wanna secure myself I'll back here.

If you need time nfo, model and others are next;

a) GTM-3 (Arg)
b) LG Optimus L4 II
c) Android (don't remember witch version is)

That's all.

See you around.

hello admin

can I get my account re-enbled? I disabled it because my mistake.........................

Hi, I have just disabled my account because of my old phone with the authenticator is gone, could you enable my account and reset the Google authenticator for me?

i deposit a key and it don't give me a credit

i deposit a key and it don't give me a credit

Please read:

Hi there!

Big mistake here, I reinstalled my phone and lost access to Google Authenticator. I've already disabled my account right now, and I'd like to reactivate it. Let me know if I need any additional step, I hope this is the right place to contact the admins ^^

Best regards.

I was disabled G-Auth ? (sorry,this is 2 years ago)

a) UTC+9
b) FUJITSU Arrows F-02E
c) Android 4.1.2