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We are pleased to release our new addition to - Market.

Here is a short FAQ about the new site, hopefully it will answer most commonly asked questions.

1. What is the difference between market and the Steam's community market?

Here is a few:

a. Our base credit is "Key" and "Bitcoin".
b. We feature trading between Bitcoin, Steam gifts (including untradable ones) and key interchanging.
c. Our fee is much lower than Steam market's, which should result in lowered item price.
d. We do not have the design flaw that the final exchange price only follows the user's input price, but ignoring if there are better price orders on the book.

2. Why make a market system at all?

We have been criticized for being too buyer unfriendly for having a poor search system and a somewhat complicated interface. The old system could not be further improved due to technical difficulties. For example, we could sort items by price as we did not have a common currency. We hope a market system can solve many of these problems and at the same time adds useful features. Also, there is a need to change the business model so that the website is actually self-sustainable and rewarding for increasing the amount of users. In our old model, more people using the website gives us no real benefit but paying more for the maintenance.

3. What will happen to the old system?

The old system will be kept for now. If you prefer the old style, you still can create those 'tradition trades'. However, we will no longer list these trades under the main page and search also won't support it. As a seller, that means you will have to send out your trade links directly to your buyers. The old system won't be developed much anymore. It's only kept to waive fee for sellers who have their own customers base and do not rely on the site to get exposure.

4. What is the new fee system?

We will be charging fee to support the long-term development of the site. It is a progressive structure that the fee percent is based on the volume traded in 30 days.

June is going to be the public beta testing period. We will not be taking any fees until July 13 BTC issue is resolved. But the trade volume you have made in this period will still be counted, which means your fee could be as low as 0.25% once we start taking fee.

5. Are there any other updates to the site?

In addition to the market, we have made two very important updates to fix certain important problems.

a. CS:GO trading no longer uses Valve's abandoned API. There should be no longer any downtime for CS:GO trading and at the same time we have added skin, exteriors and various item info to all CS:GO items.

b. Gem, trading cards and other community items now will be distributed via centralized bots, to bypass a limitation added by Valve recently that disabled limited accounts (including our bots) for trading these items. You may now notice trade offers coming from non-shop bots when you exchange these items.

c. Lots of bug fixes and an interface change, mainly to adapt to the market system.

6. So, how should I get started?

As a buyer, the only real change about purchasing item is that there is one more step involved: depositing keys for credit. After you have convert your keys to credit, you will search and buy your items just like how you used to, in a slightly different interface. But if you have experience in the Steam market or other similar markets, our market should not be difficult to use at all. It is like Steam market with keys and Bitcoin as currency. Please read the FAQ if you need some help.

As a seller, making orders may be more troublesome than before if you have many different types of items, due to the limitation that you can only update one market at a time. But now you have more options for your trades, for example selling a gift for 6.05 keys, or re-selling gifts by putting ask and bid orders in the same market etc. We will continue to improve the interface so that handling a lot of gifts could be easier. Before creating orders, please make sure you are in the correct market (key/BTC). Please also remember the price is in TF2 keys.

NOTE: If you have Steam community items prior to the update, please re-deposit them all. We need to re-index these items.

Ok, i will pass the message, and try to talk some more with him.

Hello Joto

I talked to MatthausGames today and this is what he say:

He is on my friends list and im trying to persuade him to add you so you can work something out. If you think i can help you in anyway to resolve this unfortunate situation feel free to add me.

Best of luck

Thanks Sejk. As of now I have received no friend request from him. Also looking at his chat he is just full of shit. There is no way he did not know me as he wrote on my profile and asked for help (although he had already removed the comment). He just makes himself look like trash who would jump on every opportunity to steal. I highly doubt he has the incentive to work out a solution. Anyway, please tell him that I will give him one last 24 hour chance to talk to me before I start my own action here.

I read those chat logs from the screenshot and all I can tell that this guy is pretending and making up stupid stories to cover himself because he's scared. That's it.

Sorry i was on vacation few weeks, can some one explain me why are the Deposit rates for cs:go keys 1 ? and Withdraw so much more?

Sorry i was on vacation few weeks, can some one explain me why are the Deposit rates for cs:go keys 1 ? and Withdraw so much more?

Because it was quite easy to take advantage of the system when the key price difference moves. Making very fast swaps and leave our system in a very limited choice of keys.

Where are the inventory url, i cant remember the name now, but its for the trades ?


I think there should be additional filters for CS:GO, TF2, Trading cards, gifts, etc on market listings, along with the Key or BTC main filters.

So specific listings can be browsed. Right now it's mostly gifts and few skins/cards/cosmetics, so unless you enter specific names and it happens to be available on market, you have to browse lots of page to find one or two items in that category. Makes shopping around a poor experience.


No wonder it's impossible to sell anything traditionally anymore...

Also as noted above by @Namjies

cannot search my shop.whats happened ?

cannot search my shop.whats happened ?

Could you be more specific about the problem?