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[API] Market Transaction History


JSON presentation of price and volume of past transactions within a specified time period for a specific market.

Access metal&appid=440&contextid=2¤cy_key=BITCOIN




appid Steam application ID, 440 for TF2, 753 for Steam gifts, 730 for CS:GO.
contextidid Steam application context ID, 2 for TF2, 1 for Steam gifts, 2 for CS:GO.
currency_key currency key for the market, 'KEY_CREDIT' or 'BITCOIN'.
market_name Case insensitive, exact name of the market, like 'Refined Metal' or 'refined metal', 'Grand Theft Auto V' or 'grand theft auto v'. Prefix 'Untradable' for untradable gifts.'
region Case insensitive, search terms for Steam gifts regional restriction text.
four_pack 0 to exclude markets with '4-pack' text in description, 1 to include ONLY those markets. Default value is 0.
from_ts Returns transaction done after this UNIX timestamp.
to_ts Returns transaction done before this UNIX timestamp.


transactions/id Transaction ID.
transactions/price Transaction price.
transactions/volume Transaction volume (amount).
transactions/created Date of the transaction.
transactions/restriction Steam region restriction for the items related to this transaction. (If applicable)