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Shop Options

Sell Options

To start selling items, you must first transfer items from your backpack to our bots. If you are unsure how, please refer to the Deposit Item FAQ. To create a trade, select the item(s) in your inventory and click 'Create Trade'.

Trade Type

When you create a trade, you will notice there are three different trade types. They stands for different behaviors about your trades and it is very important to know how they work before you start

  • Pool is for selling multiple different type of items for the same price. Each items in your pool will be sold for one set of items in one of the wishlists.
  • Batch is for making item sets. Items you have selected will be grouped as 'sets' and each set will be sold for one set of items in one of the wishlists.
  • Single is for making a 'all for all' simple trade. All items of your selection will be exchanged for one of the wishlists in a single trade.
  • Wishlist

  • You could set up a maximum of 3 wishlists for every trades.
  • Under the same wishlist, items are of 'and' but not 'or' relationship.
  • You could click on the item icon to change the Item Quality.
  • You could specify the amount at the bottom bar after clicking on an item icon.
  • You could click on the two boxes to the left of the item icon to change the craftability and gifted status.
  • Shop Task Bar

    You can access to four features with the shop task bar under your shop interface. The features from left to right are: 1. Transfer, 2. (Create) Trade, 3. Exchange and 4. Sell in Market. Most of these options are only available after you have selected item(s) from an inventory.

    1. Transfer

    Transfer selected item(s) from your shop inventory to another shop inventory. Select "Transfer" after you put in a shop address (the 40-digit code for "Shop Transaction").

    2. Trade

    Create trade for selected item(s). For details, please read "Trade Types" above.

    3. Exchange

    Deposit or withdraw selected item(s) between your Steam and shop inventory.

    4. Sell in Market

    Sell selected item(s) in the market. For details, please read the "Market" section.