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Purchase (from non-market trades)

As of August 2015, "non-market trades" are no longer search-able from our website. These trades still exists but you have to enter the full URL of the trade in order to access them.

Selection Options

To purchase from a Pool trade, you have to select (highlight) the items you wish to purchase:

To purchase from a Batch trade, you have to specify the number of batches you wish to purchase:

After selecting the targeted items, you may proceed to the selection of type of payment:

Purchase Options


Add the link of the shop to your bookmark, which could be accessed via Bookmark.

Write Feedback

Give a rating and comment to the shop. You may only write feedback once to shops that you had purchased from before.


Proceed to purchase an item via a Steam trade offer. After you click this button, a trade offer will be automatically sent to you. Please carefully check the details before accepting.

When you purchase an untradable Steam gift, the item will be sent to you via gifting after you have completed the payment. Please do not reject the pending gift under any circumstance or your payment may not be refunded.