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If you have lost items, please report with the following information:

1. The item(s) that is missing from your inventory.
2. The Steam Inventory History of your transaction. (example: 22 Apr You traded with Logistic. 7:27pm – Rust.)

I will reassign the items directly to your inventory upon confirmation (if it's a database syncing problem), or compensate you in metal/credit.

*IMPORTANT*: To save us some time, please only consider your items 'lost' if they have not been registered after an hour of trade. It is perfectly normal for your items to be recognized late as the Steam API does not always give the immediate response.

Also, please edit your post if your lost items has already restored.

NOTE 1: I may not reply to every posts here. You can check back and see if the items are restored.
NOTE 2: Please only report missing tradable items here. For untradable gifts, please use the other forum thread.

edit: resolved, thanks


Sent a few gifts via a trade offer, they are not displayed in the shop inventory (bot has them).

1. Sent gifts:

- Scourge: Outbreak Gift
- Tango Fiesta
- XCOM: Enemy Unknown + The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
- Jagged Alliance Flashback Digital Deluxe Edition
- Windborne

2. 2023-01-02 16:39 = trade offer to my trading bot

10 Tf key deposit never arrived. 1/10/2023 8:38pm, GMT+8, Dispenser Premium 01

2022-08-09 21:42
Tomb Raider

I have 3x DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die™ Edition. can't withdraw via shop inventory but I can see them in my bot inventory



edit: solved thx

Same issue, now it's showing completed but still cant add credit because maximum limit... ID - 2648449

Same issue, now it's showing completed but still cant add credit because maximum limit... ID - 2648449

In the past we allowed Steam error to be handled automatically, however, since the brief moment that Steam has a exploitable bug which users can make a Steam trade end up as "unavailable", and the items will appear in the opposite account for a brief moment before Steam reverting everything later, we decided that trades marked as "unavailable" caused by Steam error had to be reviewed by human, and that may cause delay if there are other more important tasks at hand, like hardware arrangements.